"When we have a disagreement, my partner shuts down and I lose my temper.  We feel stuck."

"My partner cheated on me and it feels like I will never trust again."

"We are so busy with work and kids.  It feels like we’ve lost the spark we once had."

The connection between two people has the power to enrich or destroy.  Some say that communication is the most important component in an intimate relationship.  Others say that sexual chemistry is paramount.  Still others say that it is most important to be with your “best friend” for a lasting and satisfying relationship.  What do you think?  What are the strengths and areas for improvement in your relationship?

The goals of couple’s counselling vary.  Some want to get along better and improve at working as a team.  Others want to rediscover the passion that has been replaced by careers, kids, and household responsibilities.  Still others are facing the crisis of an infidelity.

Having an objective outsider observe relationship dynamics, offer a fresh perspective, and work with you and your partner in overcoming obstacles can infuse your relationship with new life and vitality.  I will stay with you through the challenges and will help you relate to each other in a way that fosters greater connection between you.  My approach with couples is collaborative, warm, and gentle, but I will challenge you as well.  Couples report their initial anxiety dissolving into ease by the end of their first session.


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