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creating space for the things you want in your life

You may identify with roles like worker, parent, child, caregiver, neighbor, friend, artist, or student.  Have you ever wondered who you are apart from the various roles you play in your life?  Who are you, and what do you want?


Seriously.  What do you want for yourself and your life? 


Maybe you want to change your body or run a 10-K or pick up that long lost hobby or improve your energy or build something or make more money or learn about investing or move out or get a new career or start a side hustle.  The list goes on.  What do you want?


Are you aware that everything you want is possible? 


Don’t wait until the New Year.  There is no better time than now to start.  Pick one thing that you want  for your life.  Write it down, and in concrete detail, map out the steps you would need to take to get you there.  Then take action.  Step by step, chip away at it every single day.  Look at your goal on paper every day.  And do something every day.  Want to know something?  I keep my goal and my plan of what it will take to get me there underneath the cushion of my cozy chair in the living room.  Every single day I dig it out [literally!] and read it.  Because it is fresh on my mind every day, every day I take action.  This doesn’t mean I don’t get stuck and take detours and get distracted from time to time.  I do.  And sometimes my mindset suffers.  But because my goal is in front of my face daily, I refocus and persist.  Focus and persistence are two of your greatest weapons here.


Here’s how to start:

  1. Set a timer for 60 minutes.
  2. Take 5 minutes to do a “brain dump” on paper about anything and everything you would like for your life. It can range from the practical to the ridiculous to the seemingly impossible to the short-term to the long-term.    Nothing is off limits here.
  3. Pick one thing from the list that excites you and that you feel is achievable in the next 3-12 months.
  4. Write your one thing down at the top of a second sheet of paper. Underneath, write the details of what it will take to fulfill this goal and the exact date you intend to meet it.  Get as detailed and granular as possible.
  5. Take action every single day without fail.
  6. Keep the piece of paper from step number 4 in a place where you will remember to look at it and read it every single day without fail. I keep mine underneath the cushion of the chair I always sit in.


It is possible that doing this exercise will make you feel empowered and excited about your life.  As you take steps toward your goal, you will be very much in the trenches.  The road will seem long and results not tangible.  This is why you need to do step number 6 every day to remind yourself of the end result.  Having trouble?  I can help you!  With many of my clients, I act as a counsellor, coach, and accountability partner, gently guiding the process and keeping things on track.  Feel free to contact me for a free consult.


In my opinion, life is too short not to live it purposefully with excitement, faith, and action.  Will you join me?


Until next time,



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