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food VI: wading through the swamp of discomfort in order to get to the beautiful mountain

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Food is neutral.  I am free from obsessing about food and my body.  I am enjoying my life more and pursuing the things that are important to me.  ALL of this is possible for you.


It’s like this:  Imagine there’s a beautiful mountain you’d love to climb.  Everybody has been talking about it.  The scenery on the climb is beautiful and the view from the top is amazing, unlike anything people have ever seen before.  The only catch is that there is a massive swamp surrounding the mountain.  It is muddy and murky.  It has some garbage in it.  Some swampy creatures live there, and there are many reeds and tall grasses to get tangled up in.  Others who have crossed the swamp to get to the mountain say that it was difficult but totally worth it.  Will you take the journey?



That swamp represents the thoughts and feelings that we can tangled up in and keep us from experiencing freedom with food.  The swamp is the habits and history built into us and the mindset that keeps us struggling to reach the mountain.  Wading through the swamp is you learning a new way with food.  Learning to notice your thoughts, notice bodily sensations, and feel hunger and fullness are skills that will bring about discomfort, uncertainty, and pain.  They are also skills that will move you in the direction of that mountain if you can spare some willingness, curiosity, and time.  Because of the discomfort of wading through swampy waters, many choose to stay on the perimeter where it is safer and less messy.  They choose to view the mountain from afar wistfully.  Where are you?


Do you want to set foot on the path towards a life-affirming relationship with food?  I will be presenting these ideas at a workshop in November if you are local to the Victoria, BC area.  You can view the course here [go to page 47 of the guide] and you can register here


Here's to wading through the swamp in order to get to that beautiful mountain!


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